Sunday, June 7, 2009

Inside the Special Forces

Though there has been much criticism of the United States armed forces due to the unpopular war, most would learn a new respect when they saw this National Geographic hour long documentary.

This special presentation is styled like an article from National Geographic magazine. It begins with a scene in the middle of Iraq, beautiful mountain vistas that parallel the pictures in the magazine as well. A story is developed, we meet several sergeants, commanders, etc. As a disembodied voice narrates the extraordinary events that these soldiers must go through on a daily basis. A 360 degree overview of the U.S. Army Special Forces is presented. History, protocol, a day in the life of..., etc.

As the documentary goes on, more and more information is presented from numerous interviews and fact statements by the absent-bodied narrator. We meet people inside and out of this advanced branch of the military. It becomes somewhat of a pro-Iraq showcase as these individuals are presented in a positive light. Calling it bias, however, would be going too far. As always, Nat Geo proves to be bipartisan, presenting only what is objective.

National Geographic once again pulls off a good showing. Though there is room for improvement (slightly dragged out, and therefore slightly boring), the viewer leaves his/her seat at the end much more informed on this nation's military elite.

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