Monday, May 11, 2009

Dark City

In the final scene of dark city there are several minute details that have me asking myself if they are significant or if I am delving too deeply into a film that supposidly made John Murdoch's room number 614 by accident.

First of all, why is the clock in the final scene at nine instead of twelve. If it was supposed to be a "new hour" when John rescues the city, why is it three hours back? Shouldn't it be forward? And why three hours to be exact? Is this supposed to be a clue to how long ago they were abducted? Three weeks, months, years?

Next, the title of the film that is playing at the Fremont theater where Anna/Emma is napping on the job is "Book of Dreams", is this implying something? Is this all just one of the character's dreams? Or is that what makes up the human soul, according to the director (if only partially). Furthermore, why name the theater the Fremont? Fremont is a city in California, a neighborhood in Seattle, and a casiono in Vegas. Head west young man? Is Alex Proyas glorifying Hollywood, or is he just gratifying the roots of his industry?

The cloud over the city at the end is not the familiar Fibonacci spiral, but insteasd a star shaped spiral that curves inward, perhaps an alternative form, but not the same one as in the rest of the film. Is this also suggesting that there is a wind of change with John's triumphant victory or is this just the special effects guy on his worst day?

Finally, underneath the bridge that John and Emma/Anna walk underneath in the final shots of the movie, there is some sort of metal railing taht is conspicuously shaped like a double helix, the shape of our ever important DNA. Is he suggesting that there is, in fact, a genetic aspect to who we are in addition to our memories and soul? Is there something to read into in this or is this full blown Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

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